Our Mission & Vision

Since 1990, Boulevard’s staff has been comprised of experienced, highly skilled and devoted professionals that find satisfaction in improving and supporting the lives of our residents. Today, we still ensure that the care we are providing is not only the highest quality, but also thorough and compassionate. Our focus is aimed at helping our residents return to their active lifestyles as soon as possible. We take great pride in creating an atmosphere where residents can feel both at home and at ease with hospitality and luxurious accommodations. We also understand that things can suddenly change at a moment’s notice. Because of this understanding, we have staffed our communities with highly trained professionals, ready to adapt, reshape and adjust living quarters in order to meet the ever-changing needs of our residents. We know that behind every resident is an individual that deserves compassion, respect and the highest quality of care. This unique difference can be seen throughout our staff, our communities and the relationships that are built with those we serve.

Our Mission

Boulevard Health Center is a key part of the Pomeroy Living family, which has a 30 year history of pioneering “hospitality health care.” We pride ourselves on adopting a more humanistic focus on patients, families and their lives, while continuing to provide state-of-the-art rehabilitation and clinical services.

We believe that people deserve exceptional care that will include their comfort and well-being. This is the keystone of our foundation, and is exemplified by our compassionate, committed staff. Our ultimate goal is to meet & exceed the care, service, and outcome expectations of our patients and their families. We know an environment that fosters a high degree of patient and staff satisfaction will result in an atmosphere that will enhance the collective well being of all.

You will find that the Boulevard Health Center way is a different and better way to care.

Our Vision

To be seen as a setting of healing and recovery through a holistic approach to those we serve.

This is Our Mission:

  • Maintaining the highest ethical and professional standards
  • Offering a highly skilled, compassionate medical team
  • State-of-the-art rehabilitation – including one of the region’s first medical resorts
  • A simulated home environment for optimum recovery
  • Spacious and luxurious accommodations
  • A friendly and engaging staff dedicated to meeting your needs; includes concierge services
  • Empowering patients, families and team members through education
  • Maintaining our position as an innovative leader in health care advancements