See what our former patients are saying about their rehabilitation experience at Boulevard Health Center:

Boulevard’s Bradford Medical Resort helped Mary recover from knee replacement surgery.

Joan Recovered from a Total Knee Replacement at Boulevard Health Center in Rochester Hills, Michigan.

After Cristina Pappageorge, wife of Michigan State Senator John Pappageorge, experienced rehabilitation services at Boulevard Health Center’s Bradford Medical Resort, she said:

“[She wanted] anyone needing to have rehabilitation to have the same positive experience I had. We came for a tour and our decision was made. Bradford is so quiet, calm and peaceful. Once we saw how the staff interacted with patients and each other, we knew we had found the right place. The first class amenities in Bradford is nice, but it’s not what makes the difference in the healing process. It’s the quality of the care you receive. The entire staff worked as a team. I never heard someone say, ‘That’s not my job.’ At Bradford, everyone’s job is the patient and you feel it.”  

– Cristina Pappageorge

“Bradford is in the 21st Century when it comes to looking after patients.”

– Senator John Pappageorge


Ms. Lillian Fox needed the finest rehabilitation services after a surgical stay in the hospital.

She chose the Bradford Medical Resort at Boulevard Health Center.

“I could have stayed elsewhere, but I wanted to be good to myself since I would be in rehabilitation through Thanksgiving. I was home in plenty of time for Christmas, but I would have enjoyed staying longer. I especially enjoyed my occupational therapy. They even helped me do my own laundry. It gave me the confidence to know that I would be independent when I returned home. Dr. Hysni gave me the best rehab experience possible. The food and service was great. When I was there I never felt lonely or isolated, but comfortable and well cared for.”  

– Lillian S. Fox

When Florence Thompson needed rehabilitation services after a hospital stay, her daughter chose the Bradford Medical Resort. It is a decision she is glad she made.

“Everyone worked hard toward the goal of getting mom back home. The meetings with her doctors, therapists and nurses kept me informed of her progress. Mom’s individualized therapy plan made all of the difference. The staff is awesome, they take the time to know each patient and ensure their needs are being met.”

– Marie Orzel