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For over 25 years Boulevard Health Center has provided unsurpassed rehabilitation services returning our patients home to enjoy their lives. This accomplishment has earned us the trust of our patients, their families and the medical community. This experience and our dedicated ownership has led to the development of one of the first luxury medical resorts (Bradford Medical Resort) in the region where patients recover in a State-of-the-Art environment designed for healing and recovery.

As a key member of the Pomeroy Living Campuses, Boulevard Health Center is a leading provider of post-acute care and long-term care. We are able to provide information of interest on a wide range of newsworthy topics including, but not limited to, health care issues for older adults, advanced rehabilitation services, memory care, and current trends in accommodating the needs of today’s seniors.

Please contact our public relations and communication coordinator:

Media Contact

Jonelle Kunz

(248) 519-3740

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