Welcome to Boulevard Health Center

GET WELL, LIVE LIFE. Four simple words that mean so much. Especially when you want to return to the active life you once had.

We take those four simple words to heart in everything we do at Boulevard Health Center.That’s because our entire team is focused on helping you get well and live as independently as possible.  It’s our ultimate goal, and we know that helping you achieve success has as much to do with our team’s attitude and approach as it does with our leading edge facilities, services and care.  So if you’re looking for the shortest distance between the hospital and your home, be sure to look to Boulevard Health Center.

During your stay at Boulevard Health Center, you’ll discover:

  • A compassionate clinical team that balances experience with the latest protocols in rehabilitation and therapy to create your own personalized rehabilitation plan.
  • Class-leading rehabilitation facilities that continue to set the benchmark in the region with innovative programs such as The Bradford Medical Resort (link) and The Cardiopulmonary Clinic (link).
  • Services, amenities and accommodations that make your stay feel more like home than the excellent post-acute care facility we actually are.
  • Attentive administrative and support teams dedicated to meeting your every need. . . letting you relax and focus on healing.

For over two decades Boulevard Health Center has been under the same consistent ownership.  So at a time when many other facilities change their direction and staff as often as their ownership, Boulevard has kept our focus on giving you the best rehabilitation facilities and clinical team available to help you get well and go home.